The Problem with Our Problems
The wonderful thing about math is that problems are clearly defined, and there’s only one right answer.

Most of our problems, however, are vaguely defined, and solutions are subjectively evaluated. Information conflicts, stakeholders disagree, limitations abound… and design thinking thrives. This is precisely the kind of situation designers confront (and delight in) on regular basis. Much of the designer’s joy comes from turning such challenges into something beautifully functional.

Why Design Thinking Matters
Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that reframes obstacles as opportunities, finds patterns in chaos, and uses limitations as a launching pad for innovation. We typically associate design with creative professions and artistic endeavors, but design thinking can help all of us more effectively deal with complexities of every scale in every facet of our lives.

As a licensed architect I use design thinking to imagine and document buildings with clients and colleagues. MacroMicro captures my reflections on 10 years of academic and professional experience. It includes my thoughts on how the lessons of design apply to leadership, learning, and personal development. You will also find practical tools and insights to help you sharpen your own design thinking skills.

Welcome to MacroMicro: Design thinking for everything else!

Jason Cook
December 2011

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